As companies become leaner, outsourcing the staffing function is becoming more popular than ever. HST has partnered with client organizations in all areas of staffing including: recommendations for using internal or external search capabilities; utilization of a variety of employee classifications such as full-time, part-time, temporary, consultants and interns; recruiting activities such as internal and external job fairs as well as determining the best job advertising strategy; hiring and training an internal recruitment team; developing job-related structured interviews and training interviewers; testing candidates and training test administrators; setting guidelines for hiring decisions and employment offers; and developing new employee orientation programs. HST has also introduced promotion and retention strategies for current employees such as internal job posting systems, employee referral programs and career ladders or webs.

Compensation and Benefits
   Both compensation and benefits are considered to be a company's total compensation package. HST can ensure that the value of this package will both attract and retain a superior workforce.
   Within the compensation arena, HST has conducted internal and external salary equity studies; developed pay-for-performance and competency-based compensation plans as well as premium and incentive pay policies; performed job analyses and job evaluations; written job descriptions; and assisted in developing a corporate compensation philosophy and supporting practices.
   Within the benefits area, HST has worked with client companies to assess the mix and impact of current benefits offerings including leave-with and leave-without pay practices; retirement benefits such as 401(k) plans and early retirement options; stock options and stock purchase programs; key employee retention benefits such as executive benefits, office setups, parking spaces, car allowances and retention bonuses; educational assistance programs; employee assistance programs (EAPs); flexible and remote work schedules; and the benefits enrollment process.
   HST also provides guidance regarding effective presentation of compensation, benefits programs, and respective changes to employees.

Human Resources Support
   HST professionals have been utilized to conduct the full range of traditional HR services. A sampling of mainstream HR functions which HST has worked with client companies includes conducting or assisting in employee relations; labor relations; employee training; employment policies and procedures; performance management and employment law issues such as compliance with ADA., FMLA, other EEO guidelines and work visas.
   HST has also partnered with organizations' HR staff and/or management to conduct an HR audit, develop and implement measures/metrics of HR effectiveness and determine how HR can become an organizational strategic partner with the rest of the management team. Many in-house HR departments lack the desired expertise and companies often value having an independent, third party to address these issues.

HST provides client organizations with outsourcing options in all areas of human resources management. Today's economic environment often requires fast-growing companies to outsource HR-related duties to allow more internal emphasis on operational, marketing and sales issues.  On the other hand, downsizing companies often decrease their internal HR staff but retain the need for this expertise. Businesses also value the use of an independent third party to conduct HR-related work.

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