Management Assessment and Development
HST provides a comprehensive assessment of leadership potential for first-level supervisory positions as well as mid-management and executive levels. The assessment process is customer tailored to meet client needs by measuring those individual characteristics that are critical to the supervisory position under consideration.

The results of competency-based assessment center simulations, paper-and-pencil instruments, and structured interviews are professionally integrated to determine the suitability of a candidate for the position.

Core Competency Definitions and Assessment
HST assists organizations in defining and communicating their core competencies using clear, measurable behaviors. We have constructed skill and competency based structured interview guides and performance tests for selection and career progression. They assess individual effectiveness in demonstrating core organizational competencies. All performance tests focus upon clearly defined knowledge and skills required by the targeted job. The assessment process emphasizes evaluating individual performance using well established standards approved by key persons in the client organization.

Skill Gap Analysis
HST has designed a methodology to evaluate knowledge and skill requirements for jobs and compare them with the proficiency levels of current incumbents. The methodology includes interview and survey techniques that draw upon 360 degree feedback as well as objective assessments of current competency levels. The requirements are frequently based upon projections of future organizational needs so that employees can develop competencies to meet these needs. Training and development opportunities are designed to assist them in their efforts. This approach has been applied successfully for information technology, call center, and program management jobs in both the public and private sectors.

Program Evaluation
HST professionals are experts in the design of performance, behavior, and perception metrics to determine the impact of specific training programs and organizational interventions on individual and group effectiveness. Systematic, objective measures are used to establish baselines and determine subsequent changes in performance.

HST survey metrics have been used by Ford Motor Co., the US Postal Service, and in numerous government agencies including the Social Security Administration, the National Institutes of Health and the U.S. Office of Personnel Management.

Organizational Design and Development
HST has introduced innovative organizational improvement programs in a wide range of work settings. A sampling of these OD projects includes job restructuring and redesign, performance contingent reward systems, team building and 360 degree feedback. In addition, HST provides HR expertise in the areas of mergers and acquisitions including due HR diligence and retention planning for key employees, downsizing/rightsizing, change management and employee communication strategies. HST has designed diagnostic survey tools to evaluate all aspects of organizational functioning.

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