Nuclear Reactor/Senior Reactor Operator Selection
The Basic Math and Science Test (BMST) was designed by HST for use in the selection of Nuclear Reactor/Senior Reactor Operators. This 90-item test measures a candidate's potential for successfully completing entry training in nine areas of math and science. Over 10,000 candidates have taken the BMST. There are separate norms for Navy trained nuclear personnel and for those candidates without this training. The test identifies specific strengths and weaknesses for each candidate. Selecting the most qualified candidates with the BMST yields significant savings in training.

Utility Industry Human Resource Programs
HST has devoted 25 years to working with companies throughout the utility industry on innovative approaches for developing a superior workforce. Our professionals have constructed valid selection and progression assessment programs, delivered first-level supervisory training programs for power plants, assessed supervisory talent, and designed performance-based compensation programs for all types of utility jobs. We have constructed professional certification programs for jobs such as customer service representative and line technician. In performing these activities, we have become extremely familiar with all aspects of the utility industry as it has evolved into its current deregulated status. We have helped utilities adapt to these changing conditions by drawing upon a combination of best practices from all types of organizations.

HST provides client organizations with outsourcing options in all areas of human resources management. The current economic environment often requires fast-growing companies to outsource HR-related duties to allow more internal emphasis on operational, marketing and sales issues. On the other hand, downsizing companies often decrease their internal HR staff but retain the need for this expertise. Businesses also value the use of an independent third party to conduct HR-related work.

Specific Entry-Level and Promotion Screening
HST has worked closely with subject matter experts in numerous utilities to design valid screening programs that reflect critical job requirements. Targeted jobs include combustion turbine technician, gas mechanic, plant operator, customer service representative, and line technician. The assessment instruments consist of aptitude tests, work samples, and structured interviews. The screening programs have been successfully utilized to hire and promote highly qualified candidates. HST also provides annual test maintenance to ensure that the assessment programs continue to reflect current job requirements and remain valid.

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